Very Long Day

Once upon a time,
a man who « never said no ». It was an ordinary day, but it will stay a legend for him for the rest of his life. Just walking in the street, back home after a long day at york, he met a strange lady, sitting on a wheelchair. She was looking arround as if something was at the wrong place, without giving the feeling of being lost. He asked her about that, but she wasn’t able to talk. Suddenly, a man came to him, asked why he bothered his patient, so he told him his feelings about this strange vision. Then the nurse explained how busy he was, and why he chooses to let an old lady alone, and if he was not happy with that, this chick was now his problem. He accpeted.

But a few blocks from there, he was observing a dockyard. The workers were looked like Muslims, and with Ramadan combined to warm weather, he was feeling responsible, and asked if they needed help. Good try indeed, they were at the limit of burnout. And for the next three hours, he worked for them for free whilst  they monitored the woman in the wheelchair. And that continued.

Can I punch you in your face to impress my girlfriend ? He accepted. Can you make my laundry ? He accept. Can you give me some cash ? Can you drive me somewhere ? Hey, we need an other player for a bowling, are you in ? And as safe as the sun went down, he accepted. And why waste so much time and money ? Because they asked. But he felt it was his duty.

The End

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